Understanding Migration Agents and Why You Need Them

A migration agent is an expert who helps immigrants with their immigration process. This includes offering advice and guiding immigrants through the immigration process. Here are some important things you need to know about migration agents:

Why You Need Migration Agents

If you are an immigrant, you might not know what rules or policies govern immigration. It is also possible for these policies to change over time; therefore, if you knew the rules from some time back, they probably have changed. Migration agents are usually up to date with immigration policies.

You may also need an immigration agent is if you don't know the process itself, if you have no way of finding out whether you are eligible, if you don't know what documents are required or where to lodge them and so on.

Migration agents are also in a better position to ensure your application processes go through because they have dealt with many circumstances. You can safely assume that they have seen it all and are in a position to avoid various delays or handle issues that would hinder your eligibility. Your application is monitored continuously, and if there is a need to go to court, migration agents can represent you.

How to Choose a Competent Migration Agent

It's always best to try and get a referral from your friends or family. If that does not pan out, an internet search is enough to find migration agents near you. If you come across several and want to shorten your list, check whether they are registered with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority). MARA has a website where you can check the names of migration agents registered with them. If you want a guarantee that the migration agent is competent, they have to be registered. Don't prioritise a migration agent whose name is not on the MARA website.

Call or email the migration agents left on your list. Check how long it takes them to respond or whether you get to talk to someone informed. At times, you might be required to visit the migration agent company, which is better than calling.

Ask about fees and any other questions you may have. As you do so, try to get a feel for how comfortable you are talking or relating to the migration agent. You might spend quite some time with the company because your visa is not processed immediately. You want to ensure that you get along well with the migration agent's company.

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