How To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Combating global warming and climate change requires individual action. One of the ways you can address this issue is by making your home energy efficient. Read the extract below for a few tips. 


What is the quality of appliances in your home? Modern electronics have a star rating that informs buyers of the appliance's energy efficiency. Appliances with a high star rating are more energy efficient. Some electronics have advanced features that enhance their energy efficiency. For instance, some air conditioning systems will automatically shut off when no one is using the room.

Home Lighting

Take advantage of natural light by installing glass doors and large windows. Skylights will help you illuminate light in dark areas, such as staircases and pantries. Replace incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient LED lights. Additionally, ask your family members to avoid leaving the lights on.

Insulation and Heating

Cut down heating costs by insulating your home. An effective insulation system will prevent heat from leaving your house during winter and entering during summer. Seal cavities in your walls, attic and roof since they could significantly affect the efficiency of your home insulation. 

If you have an air conditioner, regular service and maintenance could improve the efficiency of the system and reduce its energy consumption. For instance, a clogged air filter means that the system will use more energy to cool or warm your home. Regularly inspect the ducts to ensure they do not have any leakages. 

Consider Renewable Energy

Go green by choosing renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power. Solar water heaters, for instance, can help you reduce heating costs. Solar and wind power systems may be a bit expensive to install. However, you no longer have to pay power bills; hence you will end up making huge savings. Besides, you can sell excess power to the national grid. In Australia, people with solar power receive benefits from the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.


People building homes and conducting renovations should consider environmentally friendly construction materials. For instance, you could opt for recycled gypsum, roofs, bricks and steel. Consider sourcing timber from sustainable forests. 

Adopt a Recycling Culture

Make your home sustainable by recycling as much as you can. For instance, old appliances and furniture could be sold to scrap metal dealers as opposed to disposing them at landfills. 

Do not forget to conduct an annual energy audit to determine energy inefficiencies in your home. 

To improve the energy efficiency of your home, use modern appliances, take advantage of natural light, improve your insulation, consider renewable energy and use environmentally friendly construction materials in your sustainable home design. 

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